A few sources are reporting that today, Apple has stopped signing iPhone OS 3.1.2. What does this mean? Well, up until now, you may have been able to “Option – click” Restore, in iTunes, and point to firmware 3.1.2, so you could still jailbreak, but since Apple is no longer signing this firmware, the restore won’t work anymore, as Apple will only recognize your device’s signature, with OS 3.1.3.

This is especially bad, for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3g owners who want to jailbreak and/or unlock. If you have had your SHSH saved by Cydia, you might be okay, but we don’t really know if the new firmware will be jailbroken, until the iPhone Dev Team or geohot gives the word that they have a solution.

Bottom line: If you have an iPhone 3GS of iPod Touch 3g, avoid this update, if you want to keep your jailbreak/unlock.