Zoom Media Plus, have announced a SD card reader for iPhone, called “Zoomit“. It connects to the dock connector of your iPhone or iPod Touch, and comes with a free app, to manage your files. Here’s the official description from their website:

Zoomit is a revolution in managing content with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Combining application software with an intelligent accessory, zoomIt allows you to view, listen to, and share all of your photos, music, video and files on the go without the need to connect to your camera, Mac or PC.

One of the things that iPhone and iPod Touch owners have complained about, for some time, is no expandable memory. This card reader is SDHC compatible so you could potentilly more than double your iPhone’s capacity with this device. Although, ZoomMediaPLUS hasn’t mentioned it, the Zoomit should also work on the iPad.

The Zoomit is available for pre-order now. It is $59.95 USD, but if you pre-order you get $10 off. Additionally, the first 250 customers will get a free 4GB SD card! The accompanying app, will be a free download, from the App Store.