This is a crazy, funny story I found on Twitter today, via MuscleNerd, who was retweeting @SebastienPage:

Went to local Apple Store about 2 weeks ago. For nothing other then I was in the area and had an hour to kill. Figured I’d browse around. Obviously, they were very polite and a salesperson approached me to see if I needed some help (store was not busy at all). Told him “Nope, just browisng”.

Being that they were not busy he starts asking me what type of comp I have, what kind of phone and etc. When I told him I don’t have an iPhone, he asked why and if I was interested in one. I explained why and told him I am not interested due to Apple’s unwillingness to allow owners to ‘do their own thing’ and that I have no intention of paying for an iphone if Apple is going to handcuff me. He kept going on and on about what I was missing out on. I then told him I was more then happy with my new Droid and I was more then happy with my iTouch. he said “Oh, so you do have an iTouch then?” I said yep and pulled it out. Flipped the case open and hit the home button and he saw my lockscreen, which is the Grateful Dead with some other ‘goodies’ on there.

He sort of stepped back and his eyes popped wide. He asked if he could look at it. I would NOT hand it to him, but what the hell, it is my device so screw ’em. I slid the lockscreen to access the device and very obviously (i’m sure he knew as soon as he saw my lockscreen) at first look he knew it was JB’d. He didnt say anything other then going sort of quiet and saying “wow”. He walked away.

I was then approached by the manager. He said ” I was informed you have an ILLEGAL iTouch”. I replied “I do have an iTouch but that it was not ILLEGAL”. He then asked if it was ‘modified’. I said (and happily I may add) “Yep, it IS MODIFIED. You should get one yourself as you dont know what you are missing out on”. He then said “Sir, that is an ILLEGAL device”. I said “Your NUTS. It is my device I paid for. I own it and can do anything I damn well please with it”. He then said “Sir, the device you have IS illegal, I must now ask you to turn over the ILLEGAL device at once”. I responded and said “Dude, your nuts, it is not illegal and if you think I am giving it to you, I have a bridge in the Sahara desert I’d like to sell you”. He then said “Sir, if you refuse to turn over your ILLEGAL device I must have a copy of your drivers license”. I said “Dude, you really are nuts. You’re not taking my iTouch and you have no right to ask for my DL”. He then said I had to either give him my iTouch or my DL, or he will contact security. LOL. Oh boy, the MALL POLICE!!! I told him “go right ahead. I’ll make myself comfy and wait”.

Instead of the MALL POLICE, an actual Police Officer came. They spoke to the manager then came to me. I told them I am breaking no laws and there is no way in hell anybody is taking my iTouch unless the COURTS order me to turn it over. I said “Here is my info…take me to court. Otherwise, get off my friggin back or I will sue Apple and file complaints against you as just because you have a badge does NOT give you the right to detain me or ask me to give you my personal possessions unless you can tell me WHAT LAW I AM BREAKING”. They walked away, talked to the manager, came back and said “Sorry for the inconvenience. You have a pleasant day”, and I left.

Anyway, just thought I’d share this since I see others posting about geting banned from their stores and etc, and I want to make sure everybody knows: DO NOT LET THEM CON YOU INTO GIVING UP YOUR DEVICE. Some are intimidated by the authorities so may give up their device out of ‘fear’. DONT DO IT. Tell them to explain what law you are breaking and to either arrest you or get F*cked. Do not let them CON you into giving up YOUR PERSONAL iPhone/iTouch!!!!!

A great story, wether it’s true or not. I hope this happens to me. I’d react the same way!