I woke up this morning, and start visiting a few sites that I usually do, but when I get to Apple.com, something looks a little different. My eyes are still blurry from waking up, so I rub them and refocus. Something is different! There is a launch date for the iPad!!

Looks like Apple’s latest device will officially launch, in the US, on April 3rd, with pre-orders beginning March 12th. This is just the WiFi model. The WiFi+3G model does not have an official date yet, but will be available later in April.

No official date for Canada, yet, but Apple has given “late April”, as the expected time of release. Hopefully, Canadians will be able to pre-order, as well.

Pre-orders can be done at the online store, or you can reserve an iPad for pick up, from an Apple Retail Store.