I recently watched the documentary, “Earthlings“. It is a harsh look at the poor treatment of animals in the various ways we, (humans), use them to our advantage. Although I have been aware of these practices before watching this film, I still chose to consume animals and their bi-products. I’m sure many others are the same. So, why do humans knowingly continue to contribute to such horrid acts against animals, knowing fully the pain and suffering the animals have gone through? I wish I had an answer, but my theory is, our society, as a whole, has been conditioned for so long to include meat in our diets, that anything else seems “wrong”. Animals have long been a source of food, clothing, currency, and entertainment. Can we really hope to have it any other way?

Drastic change has to happen. While I understand why vegetarians and vegans stop using animals for personal gain, this really only removes them from the equation, and doesn’t actually solve any problems. The economic impact of removing meat from our diets would be devastating to the planet. The economy would crash. The planet would be wildly over populated with millions of animals that humans slaughter everyday. These animals could possibly eat all our food, then us, and then each other. While I feel I do need to make changes in my own life, I do not believe it will fix the bigger issue.

The current state of our society and government is so incredibly broken, I can’t imagine any other way to fix it than tearing it all down and starting over. I know this a broader issue than the unethical treatment of animals, but I think this is where the problem starts. Being realistic, let’s say that there is no way to fix our society the government that “runs” it. In any country where there is democracy, we have to say we fucked up, and it is broken. It’s a ‘we’ve made our bed and now we have to lie in it’ kind of situation.

So, accepting the state of the world, the way it is, what does being vegan really do for the world? In my opinion, nothing, unfortunately. Being vegan is a personal choice to remove oneself from the various industries that use animals for profit. I fully support this choice, and I believe I am headed down that road. I just feel that maybe there are misconceptions that being vegan can change the world. I know this is a bleak outlook, but sometimes we have to look reality in the face and accept that we may not be able to change it.

As earthlings, we are doomed. We can only choose to make the best of what we’ve done to ourselves, and hope that any further generations may follow in our new footsteps to try to make this a better place. I have vegan friends and I have friends who go out in the wilderness to murder animals for food. They are all good people with good intentions, thinking they are doing the right thing for themselves and for their families. They have opinions that should be respected, whether others agree with them, or not.

There are a lot of disgusting humans in this world. We see it in the news everyday. For some reason, it is in our nature to destroy ourselves and the world around us. I can’t presume to change human nature by choosing to make some lifestyle changes that really only affect me. This is my opinion.

I challenge anyone to watch this film and not feel something. It contains very graphic images of animals being treated poorly. Just picture humans being treated the same way, and see how you feel.