Please Check Out iEvolution and iPhoneinCanada

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Hey everyone. So, you may have noticed I haven’t been posting anything here in a while. Well, due to some changes in my life, I’ve been trying to figure out what the hell I really want to be “when I grow up”. It turns out I really like this writing thing, and want to keep doing it, full-time. The thing is, this is a tough business to get into, and be successful, so I decided I cannot do it alone.

I have been writing for for a while now, posting articles on Sundays. Well, I’ll be writing more stuff over there, and hopefully make that a daily gig, reviewing apps and games.

Also, I have joined forces with another local, Dusty Reron. He started up an Apple news blog called, and invited me to join him. Together, we will be reporting on all things Apple touch screen related. iPhone, iPod Touch, and now, the iPad. This is pretty exciting, as we are both like-minded in that we love this tech stuff, and anything pertaining to Apple, in general.

We just launched a big redesigned of the site and we would love for you to come check it out. Dusty took care of the layout and overall theme of the site, while I designed and built the new logo.

We have also launched a YouTube channel, iEvolutionVideos, where we will be doing reviews and tutorials on anything iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Thanks to everyone for reading. From this point on Green Candy will be more of a personal web log, than a tech site. I really hope you join me in my new ventures.


Google Phone, Nexus One, Official Specs, Compared to iPhone 3GS


Google held a press conference today, anouncing their entry into the smartphone market, the Nexus One. There has been talk of a “Google Phone” for quite some time now. Even before the Android firmware was released, many speculated that the “Android” would be a physical device, and not just firmware for other devices.

Well, it’s here. Are we impressed? Are we throwing away our iPhones? Yes, and no. The device is gorgeous. Very sleek. Minimal buttons. Looks solid. You can tell they really wanted to go after the iPhone market. As for specs and how it compares to the iPhone, I’ve created this chart for you: (click to enlarge)

So, as you can see, if you’re just looking at hardware specs, the Nexus One seems like a superior device, compared to the iPhone 3GS. What makes a huge difference, is the operating system, and how it uses the hardware. Engadget did a side side by comparison of the web browsers, and the iPhone 3GS was about twice as fast as the Nexus One. One cool thing I heard about the Nexus One, is that it has Speech-to-Text, for all text fields; email, web, maps, everything.

Looks like it is available on T-Mobile, in the US. No plans for a Canadian release, as far as I know.

So, That Decade Just Happened…

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This decade was definitely life changing for me. Many huge life decisions had to be made, making me the man I am today.

Coming into this decade, I had just gotten married to the love of my life, Katharine. We were married in November of ’99, and living in Vancouver. We had already been together for 5 years, and knew we would be together for a long time, so the marriage was merely a formality, in our eyes. Our family and friends had a great time at the wedding, and some of our closest friends, that were in a band, played at the reception, covering a bunch of our favourite songs, making the night perfect. Thanks to all who had a part in that.

I was a struggling musician, for almost half of the decade, playing guitar and singing in the band “tim.“. We released 1 full length album and 1 EP, on Spawner Records, between 2000, and 2004. We toured right across Canada, and made it down to west coast of the US a couple of times. Ultimately, we (the members of the band) started to have different views on life, and we decided to disband in 2006. Our last show was at The Boot Pub, in Whistler, BC, on November 28th, 2004. Although we don’t hang out as much as we should, members of the band are still in contact with one another. I still play music, but it is more of a hobby now. I play bass and sing in a hardcore band called “Left Pocket Dead“. It’s a lot of fun, with no pressure to “succeed”, like I had felt in the past.

2003 was truly, the most life changing year of the decade. Katharine and I had been trying to have a baby for quite some time, and in February, shortly after Valentines Day (wink wink), we found out Katharine was pregnant. On October 2nd, 2003 we welcomed our daughter, Rory Piper McKinnon, into the family. We had a home birth, at 1314 Nanaimo St, in New Westminster, BC. From that moment onward, my life was different. Those of you who have children know what I’m talking about. For those of you who don’t, the only way I can attempt to explain this change is, there is a amazing shift in priorities, in your life. It isn’t something that you have to consciously change. It is an involuntary flick of a switch, that is labeled “Most Important Thing in the World”. With the switch in the down position, it is set to “Myself”. With the switch in the up position, it is set to “Offspring”. At the moment my daughter was born, my switch was flicked on. Rory is 6 now, and still the most important thing in our lives.

After my band broke up in 2004, Katharine and I decided, if things were going to change for us, we were going to go all out, and we decided to move to Victoria, BC, in early 2005. We had lived here years before, but had moved to Vancouver for a change of pace, and to try to get my band more well known. Katharine was offered a position at the head office of the company she worked for (and is still there). Being a musician, I didn’t have a job I could call a career, so I was happy to quit my job as a dispatcher for a security company, and point towards new horizons. I ended up landing a great job as a technician for the local cable provider, where I am still working today.

On June 19th, 2008, I started this blog, Green Candy. At the time, I really didn’t know what I was going to write about, but as I learned more about my iPhone, and the inner workings of the firmware, I knew I wanted to share what I knew, with the world. I got my first iPhone early in 2008. It was a 1st gen, 16GB, jaibroken, unlocked, iPhone. Of course the legit iPhone 3G came out months later, on Rogers. I skipped that one, as I had just spent quite a bit of money on the 1st gen. This past year I finally upgraded, when the iPhone 3GS came out. I have written about the jailbreaking and unlocking of all the firmwares from 1.1.4 to the current 3.1.2, and all kinds of different mods an tweaks. Within in the past few months, I have also started writing for, one of the most popular iPhone blogs in Canada.

So, that’s what this decade has meant to me. Thanks to everyone who has been reading. As we head into 2010, we are approaching 100,000 hits, and I still can’t believe a little blog, run by one guy, and with no advertising at all, has reached so many people. The next decade will, more than likely, be full of incredible technological innovations. More than we’ve ever seen, and I’m sure I’ll be here to write about them.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Bell Takes Another Jab at Rogers

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Oh, man. This flyer I got in the mail today, basically declares war on Rogers. The front of the flyer literally says, “It’s On”. This is most likely referring to their new 3G network, but we know better. Them’s fightin’ words!

The flyer goes on to say that Bell is the fastest, largest, and most reliable network. This is definitely a swing at Rogers, as they just instructed their employees to remove everything from ads to email signatures that said “Most Reliable Network”.

I thought I would shae a few pages of the flyer, though you may have received one yourself today:

I still have not heard any reports on Bell actually being faster and more reliable than Rogers. Any of you reading this have an iPhone on Bell? Let us know how it’s going.

What’s Annoying Me Today: Episode 1


photo-11So, I heard Green Day had a new album coming out. I’ve been a fan of this band for many years; ever since “Kerplunk” came out. I saw them in Toronto, with Bad Religion and Seaweed. (awesome show). I heard that they had released a video for they’re newest single, “Know Your Enemy”. I thought, “Hey, why not check it out on YouTube?”.

So, I head over to YouTube, search for “Know Your Enemy”, but I can’t seem to find an official posting from Green Day. Instead I find a bunch of kids, filming themselves playing the new Green Day song. HUH?! Obviously, I’m not on YouTube enough, because I’ve come to find out that this is a huge trend on YouTube. Lots of people “showing off’, by filming themselves playing other people’s music. I put showing off in quotations, because it really does not take much talent on guitar to play a Green Day song. In fact, I think if you’ve just played Guitar Hero once, you could figure out a Green Day song. (No offense to Green Day. I do still like this band).

I posted a comment on one of these videos, asking why people do this. The answer I got, was “To show off! lol”. (“lol”, fuck, that’s a whole other post!). Really?! To show off?!! If you really wanted to show off, you would write you’re own damn song, and post it online. I, for one, am not impressed by your “skills”. That’s what’s annoying me today.

You might ask, “Who the fuck are you, to judge?”. Well, I’m nobody, really. Just voicing my opinion. I played in an original band for about 8 years of my life. Wrote and recorded 3 albums and toured across Canada a few times. I did not make it “big”, by any means. I just hope these kids will put just as much effort into creating, as they do copying. I will say, now that I’m old and past my prime (haha), I do play in a cover band, but it’s just for fun, and not to show off. Wait…maybe these kids are just having fun? Ah fuck it…I’m still annoyed!

Thanks for reading “What’s Annoying Me Today”. There will be more of these to come!

Straight Edge: “I’m a Person, Just Like You”


straight_edgeIn anti-celebration of 4:20, I thought a would post something that I wrote on Facebook a while back. I have been straight edge my entire life, with no plans or desire to start using drugs or alcohol to make life “better”. It’s a tough topic for me to talk about, because there are not many people in my life that share this point of view. Here’s part of the note I posted on my Facebook:

“Yeah, I’m straight edge. That’s just the way it’s always been for me. I’ve never had any alcohol or drugs in me. I played in a punk rock band for 8 years, and saw all kinds of people do crazy shit to themselves. I just never wanted to be part of that. Some people will say to me, ” Wow, man, you’ve got some amazing will power!!”. I would think to myself, “What? The will power to stay alive?!!”.

Years ago, I used to think that I was somehow better than everyone else, because I stay clean, and I would preach to everyone about how drinking and using drugs is stupid. I’m definitely past that now. I’ve given up trying to “save the world”. I’ve “mellowed out”, so to speak. To this day, I still have never had anything to do with alcohol or drugs, but I keep that to myself, unless someone asks me about it. With the exception of this note.

A significant downside to being straight edge, is not having a lot of friends I can “hang out” with, on a regular basis. I live in Victoria, BC, Canada, where weed is as common as Pepsi. It’s practically legal here now, so there’s no way to get away from it. Everyone I know makes specific plans to get drunk or stoned on the weekend. It’s pretty annoying, but I just smile and nod. It’s hard to pretend you’re “cool”, when you don’t agree with what “cool” is.

Bottom line: it’s all about choice. If you want to kill yourself, go fucking kill yourself. Who am I to stop you? All I can do is offer my opinion when someone asks, and hope some one actually understands and/or agrees.”

I will add that, I don’t think pot will kill you or get you hooked on other drugs. Pot just makes you stupid, apathetic, and non-productive for a while. This can’t lead to anything, really. Good or bad.

Happy 4:20. Dumbasses.