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Before I was ever writing for www.iPhoneinCanada.ca, I was writing here. Mostly about iPhone stuff. From the first day I had my first generation iPhone, i was jailbreaking it. From that point on, I wanted to share what I was figuring out how to do, and I started Green Candy, which is what this blog used to be.

Since then, I have written for www.iPhoneinCanada.ca, www.iEvolution.ca, and www.iJailbreak.com. Nowadays, I am back at www.iPhoninCanada.ca, as a part-time staff writer.

Every once in a while, I stop by the old blog here, and see what’s up. It seems this blog is sneaking up on half a million hits. Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back here, even though I don’t. Most likely, Google it to thank for this, but what ever. 😛


How to set up your iPhone/iPodTouch to use hacked apps


UPDATE: (June 29th, 2009) – This tutorial has been updated for OS 3.0. If you have not yet updated to the 3.0 firmware, continue reading. Otherwise please go here, for the new tutorial.

UPDATE: (June17th, 2009) – As you know, there is a firmware update today. If you want to keep using your hacked apps, DO NOT UPDATE, until the new jailbreak tools are released, and mobileinstallation patch 3.0 is in Cydia. Once a new jailbreak is avaiable, the steps below should work. If anything has changed, I will post new instructions.

UPDATE: (June 20th, 2009) – Well, a Jailbreak has been officially released for OS 3.0, via Pwnage Tool and redsn0w. You should be able to go ahead and update and re-jailbreak now. I haven’t had a chance to use 3.0 jailbroken, as I have upgraded to a 3GS, and sold my 2G. I would imagine there is a new patch to allow you use your hacked apps now. Please message me, or comment below with any feedback you may have.

I’ve had quite a few requests to post a guide on how to set up your iPhone or iPod Touch, so that you can use the hacked apps that you download via torrents, or other sources besides iTunes. So, here goes…

qwickpwnscreenFirst off, your device must be Jailbroken. The Jailbreak and unlock was accomplished not long after the original iPhone was released, as it was only released in the US, and only on AT&T. The unlock is not important for this post, so I will just be talking about the Jailbreak. The easiest way to Jailbreak is with the iPhone Dev Team’s QuickPwn. It is a GUI app, for Mac and Windows, that will accomplish the Jailbreak on the Iphone and iPod Touch, on all 2.0 firmwares, excluding the new, 2nd gen iPod Touch. You can download all versions (including Pwnage Tool, which is a little more complicated) via torrent here:


To use this software, you should first do a clean restore from iTunes, with the latest firmware. Once this is complete, exit iTunes, open QuickPwn, and follow the step by step instructions. Pay close attention and make sure you follow every img_00014step. If you’ve done everything right, you’ll get a confirmation screen. (a LOLcat saying I HAZ SUCCESS!).

With the Jailbreak complete, you’ll notice your home screen looks a little different. You’ll see Cydia or Installer, or both. On a side note, if you install “Winterboard”, you can completely change the look of your device.

I prefer to use Cydia, so that’s what I’ll be using to install the hacked mobileinstallation file. Open up Cydia. This is what the home screen looks like:


Then you need to add a source. Tap “Manage” on the bottom, and you’ll see this:


Then tap “Sources”, and tap “Edit” in the top right corner. Then tap “Add” in the top left corner and enter this: http://iphone.org.hk/apt. Then tap “Add Source”, and “done”.


Next, while still in Cydia, tap “Search” in bottom right corner, and type in mobileinstallation patch. You should only get one result.


Select the item and tap “Install” in the top right corner. Then “Confirm”. Just let it run. As you can see from my clock on the screen shots, the process only takes a minute, or two.

img_0006 img_0007

img_0008 img_0011

Next, just close Cydia and reboot your device, by pressing and holding the power and home button for about 5 seconds. That’s it. Your ready to use all those free apps you didn’t get from iTunes.

All you need to do now is double click, or drag your .IPA files in to iTunes, connect your device, and sync. iTunes will install the apps and games just as if you had downloaded them from the App Store. You will even be able to receive updates. If you have any free or paid apps the you have downloaded from iTunes, not to worry. They will still work just fine.

Well I hope this helps the few of you that have been asking about this. Please feel free to leave a comment, if you have any further questions. Please rememeber that this does void your warranty of your device, so if you do need to use your warranty, make sure you restore in iTunes, before returning your device to Apple, or where ever. Also, you do this at your own risk, and I take no resposibility, if your device becomes “bricked”, or unusable, in anyway. I am meerly providing a guide of the methods that have worked for me. Good luck, and enjoy your new found freedom!

UPDATE: (Jan 30, 2009) In case you haven’t heard, a new firmware has been released, (2.2.1), via iTunes. New versions on Pwnage Tool, QuickPwn, and the Mobileinstallation Patch have also been released, so all the above steps should still work for using the hacked apps and games.

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Metallica LIVE! Dec 2, 2008, at GM Place, Vancouver, BC


mytallicashirtHeavy metal icons, Metallica, returned to Vancouver Dec 2nd, after a 4 year absence. They hadn’t played in Vancouver since supporting the “St. Anger” album, and we were definitely excited to have them back. GM Place was completely sold out. The group I was with ended up in section 109, which was lower balcony, in the corner, closer to the floor. Not too bad. Out of the 4 times I’ve seen them now, these were probably the best seats I’ve had, except for being on the floor at my first Metallica show, in ’88. The are touring with 2 support acts, “The Sword”, and “Lamb of God”. I had no interest in these bands, so I opted to get in the t-shirt line. I heard from other people that they played great. When I finally got to the front of the line for merch, they had sold out of a lot already. I was able to get the Pushead design tour shirt. Awesome.

Alright, in my seat now, but not for long. As we hear the haunting sounds of the ever so familiar “Ecstasy Of Gold” (they open every show with this track from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly”), everyone jumps to their feet. Then we hear the heart thumping intro from “Death Magnetic”; the band starts to find their way to the stage now. Hetfield kills us all with that first crushing riff in “That Was Just Your Life”. Very img_01081impressive laser light show. From there we go into “The End of the Line”.

The band is playing very well tonight! Next is a couple of oldies: “For Whom the Bell Tolls” and “Ride the Lightning”. Fucking classic. I think my voice is hoarse, already!

Next the stadium goes dark and quiet as we hear the sounds of war. Yup, they’re playing “One”. Lots of cool fire and strobe effects, but I missed the ‘splosion when Hetfield says “Landmine…”, near the end of the song. Not on img_9262this tour, I guess.

Next we get some banter from the band; “How you doin’, Vancouver?!”, “It’s great to be back in Canada!”, “Here’s another new one.” They go into “Broken, Beat, and Scarred”, personally my favourite track from the new album. Right after that we get another new one, “Cyanide”. The new stuff is sounding great, live.

Another short break to change guitars and Hetfield starts to apologize for something?, “Some people can’t handle this next song, so we have to apologize for playing it. We’re sorry this song is so HEAVY!”. The they go into the growly, Black album number, “Sad But True”. This is img_0118when we realize that the entire lighting rig is 4 giant metal coffins, and there are being lowered and moving around. Fantastic! After “Sad But True”, the place goes dark again, another guitar swap, and then we hear the intro to “Wherever I May Roam”. Nice. This song is so good live.

Next, Hetfield says, “Anybody got Kill ‘Em All?”. The whole place goes crazy, as we get “No Remorse”. It is great that the band realizes that this is the stuff that made us love Metallica. It seems they still love it, as well, not showing their age at all as they run around the stage. They have a big stage in the middle of the arena, so there is really no “front row”, like we’re used to. With 8 different mics, and Hetfield running around all the time, front row can be anywhere.

After a short break, the place is dark again, except for a spotlight on Hetfield. Then we get another new one, “The Day That Never Comes”. This song is great live, reminding me of “Fade to Black”, a little. The giant coffins are dancing again for the last few minutes of the song. This song is packed full of everything we like about Metallica. It’s got the slow stuff, the fast stuff, the blazing solos, and the crushing riffs. They do it well, live.

Okay, back to the classics. “Master of Puppets”. If I had to pick a favourite Metallica song, I think this would be it. My favourite album, for sure. Awesome to hear it live, again. Followed up with “Battery”. Seriously? “Battery”? That fucking RULES! They played it so fast, even faster than the album version. This just re-confirms the fact that this is the best live band I have ever seen.

img_0146The place is dark again, with a spotlight on Kirk. He’s noodling around on a clean sounding guitar. Then he goes into “Nothing Else Matters”. The crowd goes nuts and the lighters and cell phone screens light up. Although, I hated this song when it came out, it has become one of my favourites, and it is sounding pretty good, live. The end solo fades, while Hetfield is on his knees, bowed over his guitar. It seems we’re all waiting for his cue. The band is poised…I’m on the edge of my seat….what’s next? WHAT’S NEXT?! It is, of course, “Enter Sandman”. The crowd is absolutely insane now. It gives me chills, just remembering it. It seems like the entire stadium is singing along, drowning out the band, at times. They finish up. “Good night!”. We all know this is not the end…

Just few minutes later, they’re back on stage. Kirk and Lars are screwing around on some Kill ‘Em All riffs. Then James comes out and says, “We haven’t played this one in a while…”. They’ve been known to do a few covers in their encore, from time to time. Tonight, we get “Am I Evil?”. You couldn’t tell they hadn’t played it in a while. It was great. They followed that with “Stone Cold Crazy”. Not my favourite cover of theirs, but it was okay. I would have liked some “Blitzkrieg”, or “Die Die My Darling”, or “Last Caress”, or……aw shit, I wished they had played another 2 hours! I wanted to hear some Load/Reload stuff. I would have even liked something from St. Anger. Definitely needed some more “Master of Puppets” and “…And Justice For All”. Alas, ’tis the end of the night.

img_0155For the final song, James had the house lights turned on. We can all see each other now. Like one giant family reunion. We’ve known these guys for over 25 years now, so it really does feel like we’re seeing some old family members. We’re back to “Kill ‘Em All” for the finale. “SEEK….AND…DESTROY!!!”, Hetfield yells. I think they end every show with this one, so we know this is truly the end of the night. As we get to the last bit of the song, there’s a bunch of black, Metallica beach balls, falling from the rafters. I thought this part was a little silly. I wanted them to go out, guns blazing, with the lights, fire, lasers, and giant dancing coffins going all at once. Ah, well, it was still cool, I guess.

Over all, this was an amazing show. I am glad I didn’t miss it, and I feel bad for all that did. The show sold out very fast, so lots of die hard Metallica fans didn’t get to go. At the end of the night, Lars did say that they should come to Vancouver more than once every 4 years. He then said “We’ll see you very fucking soon, Vancouver!”. I’ll be there!

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Ted Rogers dies, age 75

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tedrogersCanadian media giant Ted Rogers passed away early Tuesday, at his home, surrounded by family. He was 75.

Here’s what CBC.ca posted today:

Canadian media magnate Ted Rogers, founder and CEO of Rogers Communications, has died.

Rogers, 75, died at his Toronto home early Tuesday surrounded by loved ones, said a statement from the company’s board of directors. He had recently been admitted to hospital for a cardiac condition.

“We wish to express our deepest sympathy to Loretta and all of the Rogers family for this loss,” said Alan Horn, chairman of Rogers Communications and acting CEO.

“Ted Rogers was one of a kind who built this company from one FM radio station into Canada’s largest wireless, cable and media company — a leader also in giving to the community through his and Loretta’s many philanthropic initiatives. He will be sadly missed.”

Rogers continued to play an active role in the company, which owns the Toronto Blue Jays, five Citytv television stations across the country, as well as the Rogers cable TV, wireless, radio and magazine businesses, including Maclean’s and Chatelaine.

Funeral arrangements will be announced by the family. He is survived by his wife, Loretta, whom he married in 1963, and their four children — Edward, Lisa, Melinda and Martha.

Invested in high-speed, wireless

Rogers, who founded his company in 1960, was known as an outspoken, sometimes unpredictable leader, noted for going against the grain and taking risks that paid off in the end.

He grew up in the wealthy Toronto neighbourhood of Forest Hill and attended the exclusive Upper Canada College. His first business foray came in 1960 while articling as a law student. Using borrowed money, Rogers bought Toronto radio station CHFI-FM at a time when it was the only FM station in Canada.

Rogers Communications has built itself almost as much on image as on its services, placing its name on the Toronto stadium once known as the SkyDome, buying the Blue Jays and investing in cutting-edge services for its customers.

‘His major contribution has been to recognize that you need to always evolve as a company, and in terms of technology.’—Caroline Van Hasselt, author of High Wire Act: Ted Rogers and the Empire that Debt Built

“You’re always looking for something you can do that will, in our case, simplify people’s lives … make it so that they’re experiencing things with Rogers that they never thought they could experience before,” Rogers once said in an interview with CBC News.

Rogers’s investment in high-speed internet around the turn of the millennium was one of the pivotal decisions that solidified the company’s presence on the market.

He believed that while only a limited number of people would subscribe to high-speed services initially, the investment would eventually pay off.

About 15 years earlier, Rogers was the driver behind a decision to invest in wireless technologies that were in their infancy at the time.

“His major contribution has been to recognize that you need to always evolve as a company, and in terms of technology,” said journalist and biographer Caroline Van Hasselt, who wrote High Wire Act: Ted Rogers and the Empire that Debt Built.

Aw shit, I just got older…

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babymike02Yep. Happens every year, no matter what I do. I have another birthday. I was born this day, November 21st, 1972, in New Waterford, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.

I’ll be celebrating with family this evening, and probably reading the numerous comments on my Facebook wall later tonight. I often wonder how celebrating your birthday got started. When you think about it, it’s not really a special day, as everyone has a birthday. NOFX has a great song called “Happy Fuckin Birthday. You’re Not special”. Most people use it as an excuse to “par-tay”. I’m not a drinker, so I’ve never had that huge, off the rails, drunk-fest of a party. That just seems stupid to me. This year I decided to do some research about birthdays, and try to find out what the big deal is. Here’s what I found at Buzzle.com:

“Why do we celebrate birthdays? What is it that we are toasting? Is it the fact that we have survived another year against many odds? Are we marking the progress we have made, our cumulative achievements and possessions? Is a birthday the expression of hope sprung eternal to live another year?

None of the above, it would seem.

If it is the past year that we are commemorating, would we still drink to it if we were to receive some bad news about our health and imminent demise? Not likely. But why? What is the relevance of information about the future (our own looming death) when one is celebrating the past? The past is immutable. No future event can vitiate the fact that we have made it through another 12 months of struggle. Then why not celebrate this fact?

Because it is not the past that is foremost on our minds. Our birthdays are about the future, not about the past. We are celebrating having arrived so far because such successful resilience allows us to continue forward. We proclaim our potential to further enjoy the gifts of life. Birthdays are expressions of unbridled, blind faith in our own suspended mortality.

But, if this were true, surely as we grow older we have less and less cause to celebrate. What reason do octogenarians have to drink to another year if that gift is far from guaranteed? Life offers diminishing returns: the longer you are invested, the less likely you are to reap the dividends of survival. Indeed, based on actuary tables, it becomes increasingly less rational to celebrate one’s future the older one gets.

Thus, we are forced into the conclusion that birthdays are about self-delusionally defying death. Birthdays are about preserving the illusion of immortality. Birthdays are forms of acting out our magical thinking. By celebrating our existence, we bestow on ourselves protective charms against the meaninglessness and arbitrariness of a cold, impersonal, and often hostile universe.”

So, there you go. There are probably some religious aspects to birthday’s, as well, but I tend not to buy in to the whole “religion” thing. If you’re interested in that, check out Wikipedia.

Happy fuckin birthday, Mike. You’re not special.

A little about me, kinda…


Wow, it’s been almost a month since I’ve been here! Not sure why I tend to neglect my blog for weeks at a time. Which gave me the idea to give you a small glimpse into my life. Here are the top (however many I can think of) web sites I visit, on a daily basis, in no particular order:

iphoneincanadalogo1iPhoneinCanada.ca – If you’ve been reading my blog, or know anything about me, you know that I’m all about the iPhone. iPhoneinCanada.ca is the first site I go to everyday, for the latest Canadian iPhone news. Gary runs a solid, and very informative blog, with regular contests and give-aways of the products he reviews. A must read, for all Canadian iPhone owners.

cbclogoCBC.ca – I’m usually out the door pretty early, so I’m surfin’ on my iPhone by the time I get my coffee. Instead of grabbing a newspaper, I use the iPhone optimized CBC website. It loads up real quick, (even on EDGE, load times aren’t too bad), and features international, Canadian, and local news. The “My Region” section is great, as you can set it to give you news in your area.

facebooklogoFacebook – Yes, I am among the millions that are on the ‘ole Facebook. I’m usually on there via the iPhone Facebook app, (available through the App Store), keeping up with friends, sharing pictures and videos, and just doing what everyone else does: stalking your “friends”.

punknewslogo1Punknews.org – I’ve been listening to punk rock since I was about 17, (which is more than half my life). PunkNews.org is a great hub for all things punk rock. I also frequent Fatwreck.com, Epitaph.com, and Vagrant.com.

apple-logo-dec07Apple Movie Trailers – I’m a movie buff, and the place I like to go for the latest movie trailers is Apple.com. They also have an iPhone optimized site (why wouldn’t they, right?), so you can check out the latest trailers on the go. Loading video can be painfully slow on EDGE, but on 3G or WIFI, it’s great.

ignlogoIGN.com – Gaming seems to be a big part of my life. Our family has all the major consoles, so were ready for just about any game the comes out. I’m the Xbox 360 one, in the family. My wife and daughter are the Nintendo types, with the Wii and the DS. And then there’s the PS3……it’s a great BluRay player…..yeah, we haven’t really found a good game for that system, yet. Although, “LittleBigPlanet” looks promising. IGN.com is great place to keep up to date on all the leading games on all the current consoles. I’m usually checking out Xbox.ca, as well, for the most current XBOX 360 news.

thumblogoThumbzilla.com – (CLICK THE LINK AT YOUR OWN RISK. NOT WORK FRIENDLY) Okay, I know, typical guy thing, right? What can I say…I’m a guy….I’m a geek…I watch porn. This site has tons of free pics and videos, for pretty much anything you might be into. As always you want to be careful of what you’re clicking, as porn sites are notorious for having trojans and viruses (ironic, right?). Unless you’re on a Mac, like me, then click away!!

Well, there’s a small glimpse in to my daily surfing habits. This should give you a pretty fair profile of who I am. Thanks for reading, and I hope you continue reading, after this post!

I’ve been away a while…

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Hey folks. I’ve been away from this for a bit. So, what’s new?

Well, there was the Olympics…..don’t care; didn’t really watch ’em. I missed Conan O’Brien for 2 weeks, though.

Our iPhones got firmware updates…twice. Man, that keyboard lag was driving me insane, but it’s fixed now. Pwnage Tool 2.0.3 will unlock, activate, and jailbreak the 2.0.2 firmware now, but still no unlock for the 3G. Still waiting to see if there will be a new release of Ziphone.

New Metallica album is out Sept 12th. I’ve heard 3 tracks from “Death Magnetic”, and they are all kicking my ass! I’ve loved every Metallica album, but it’s nice to hear the old “thrash”, that Metallica was famous for, when I first started listening to them. “Death Magnetic” is sounding like it should have been the follow up to “…And Justice For All”. The newest single, “My Apocalypse”, has the killer crushing riffs and the Hetfield growl, and the face melting Kirk solos we’ve all been longing for.

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